Where Am I?

I have noticed that I have a few new followers that have joined me recently, and firstly, I would love to say, “Hi! Welcome! I’m so excited that you have joined me here!” Secondly, I would like to let everyone know where I have been. I don’t have a regular posting schedule, and haven’t been up-to-date on responding to messages and new follows.

Near the end of April, my accountability partner (for homemaking, financial, spiritual, etc.) and I decided to take 90 days away from Social Media. We started on the first day of March, and were planning not to go back until the end of the 90 days. I had given up even more than that at first, but have recently been making amendments (some of which I think I need to reel back in). Sadly, I feelĀ I have let myself slip a little too much!

Why did I take a break in the first place?

I was spending hours and hours absorbed on the internet between Facebook and YouTube. It was a very sad place to be. I was online so much because I was spending a lot of time nursing my brand new baby, and was pretty limited in what I could accomplish while doing so. I think that reason alone, is why I have slipped back so much already.

Additionally, I got offline in an effort to do a 90-day, cover-to-cover read through my bible. I quickly realized how unrealistic that goal was for my current phase of life. With a little one that goes to sleep late into the night and a separate little one that gets up very early in the morning, I was already running on very little sleep and struggling to keep house in between feeding, diapering, and holding the new baby and reading to, getting snacks for, dressing, changing, playing with, training (and so so so much more) the toddler.

Don’t get me wrong, reading my bible diligently is so so so important, regardless of all those things. But to keep such a strict and unforgiving, and rigorous reading schedule was impossible for me. Sadly, I have relapsed in my bible time and feel that there will probably be a completely new 90 day challenge that I will set before myself again soon. My current 90 days are not completed, but I feel that I have regressed too much to say that I can even claim this challenge anymore. Sadly, I have lost the excitement and motivation that I began the challenge with.

When I start my new challenge, I will post a new blog that will outline my goals during the challenge and will try to write a monthly update post, to let you all know how I am doing, and how poorly I am doing as well. I am disappointed in myself for this challenge and will be setting up a new one to start at the beginning of May. I will do my best to keep track (nearly) daily, and will be realistic when I make my goals for the new challenge. If anyone wants to join me in my next challenge, I would love to share this experience with you!