I just had a baby, and I’m pregnant again! Happy Mother’s Day to me!

In December, we welcomed our second child, a son, into the world. We were elated to be bringing a sibling home to our daughter, and couldn’t wait to see what God had in store for our new lives. VERY shortly after bringing home the new baby, I began to realize how much different this baby was from our first.

Our daughter was a very quiet baby, and like most, slept the majority of the day away. When she wasn’t sleeping or nursing, she would lie in her bassinet, happily, or we would hold her from time to time. We didn’t want to get her too used to being held all the time, so we started out on day one, letting her just lie in her bassinet for large periods of time between feedings. This didn’t work for our son. He was quickly diagnosed with colic, and as time moved forward, he only became more and more dependent and high-maintenance.

Fast forward to the four month mark. When our son was just a little over the four month mark, I began to suspect that I might be pregnant again. I was having a food craving for a food that I generally don’t enjoy. Not a food that I hate, but a food that I’m NEVER in the mood for, and usually only get occasionally, if it’s a special treat. But no, I’m CRAVING these now. I have also been feeling nauseous from time to time, but I haven’t been throwing up and the nausea never lasts for more than 30 minutes or so. The symptom that  REALLY gave it away though, was the one that I have recognized at the beginning of EACH of my previous pregnancies. I have been EXHAUSTED. I can sleep all night, nap twice during the day, and I’m still falling asleep while nursing the baby. It’s awful. There have only been three times before this, that I have had exhaustion of this level. The first was when I was in the first weeks of pregnancy with our daughter, again with our son (and the symptom that gave away that pregnancy, before the missed period and pregnancy tests) and when I was only sleeping 1-3 hours a night last summer during my pregnancy, dealing with my chronic eczema and allergic reactions.

Well, I’m sleeping more than 1-3 hours a night. The only real other reason I have EVER been this tired, has been pregnancy. So, we waited until several days after I should have started my period. Ironically, and not premeditated in the slightest, we took a pregnancy test on Mother’s Day. It didn’t even take two seconds for that second blue line to appear on the test. I’m pretty sure I’m around a month pregnant, so I wasn’t surprised when it read so quickly. So, for Mother’s Day this year, I got a positive pregnancy test. Our son turned five months-old on the 16th of this month, and our daughter just turned two and a half years. We have a lot of big changes coming up, and I imagine, a LOT of blog entries!


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