There’s just NEVER enough storage!

I have been watching a LOT of YouTube videos lately. I mean, A LOT! Most of them have been decluttering and minimalism videos. I have really been stressed out by the mess of stuff around me lately, and so I have been considering going through another purge. When my daughter was very young, I started the first purge, that I really only ‘finished’ right around the time our son was due. I say ‘finished’ lightly, though, as I always had a small box of items that I would take to donate from time to time. But I was no longer taking out large boxes full of things. But there is still SO much stuff!

I was watching a video today, and the lady (I don’t remember who, as I have only seen this one video of hers) said something that just resonated with me! She said something to the effect of constantly dealing with a constant obsession and need to organize her things perfectly. She would be happy if only she had the right organization for all of her things. Then it hit her! It will NEVER happen. She needed to pare down what she had in order for her to be happy and organized. I feel like that’s where I am. I just spent a lot of money on some organizing equipment for my craft room. But when we found out that we will be moving, because of the new baby, I decided, THAT’S IT! I’m done done DONE with all the excess STUFF!

We are purging. We are getting rid of stuff in every corner of our house, and that craft room I talked about? I’m getting rid of so many unused art and craft supplies that I don’t have ANY use for! Someone with time and ideas will get far more use out of them. Everything just sits on shelves or in boxes in my craft room, and most of it has no specific purpose! I’m tired of stressing to keep things clean and tidy when I don’t even use half of the stuff, or could at least live without a lot of it. There is no reason to let THINGS dictate the way I feel! So here’s to the new chapter in our life. We will be decluttering, purging, and downsizing in the following days and weeks! I’m so excited!



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